I’ve always loved making plans, but I can’t say I’m the greatest at following them.  Routine and I aren’t great friends.  I’ve decided, finally, that this has to change.  Creating and following a daily routine for myself is a key part of the progress that I need to make in my life.  I know I can do this.  I just need to commit.

So, to push my resolve, I’ve decided to post a rough summary of my weekly routines here.  I might post a more detailed version at a later date.

Sunday- Meal plan, Communicate online, Crafting
Monday- Blog post, Speaking practice (social), Language Learning
Tuesday- Cleaning, Communicate online, Speaking practice (sell)
Wednesday- Blog post, Speaking practice (social), Music
Thursday- Communicate online, Speaking practice (sell), Language Learning
Friday- Blog post, Speaking practice (social), Crafting
Saturday- Cleaning/ organizing, Music, Language Learning

Because there’s no time like the present, I’m going to begin today, with this post.


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